Farmers receive kava training to boost knowledge

February 13, 2024 10:21 am

Farmers at the kava training session [Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Waterways Fiji/ Facebook]

More than 100 farmers who depend on kava for a living began a two-day training in Bukuya, Village in Ba to boost the knowledge and enhance the skills of farmers.

Assistant Minister for Agriculture Tomasi Tunabuna says their mission is to empower everyone with the tools and insights essential to navigate the dynamic landscape of sustainable farming practices for kava.

He says the training will not only provide an open space for inter-sectorial dialogues within the yaqona sector, but it will also share relevant, diverse, and updated information on the good sustainable practices of producing yaqona.

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Assistant Minister for Agriculture Tomasi Tunabuna

He adds a key focus of the training will be on enhancing farmers understanding of the changing climatic situations and equipping them with strategies to better manage supply disruptions.

Farmers attending the training will also explore the market availability as well as the importance of addressing financial literacy.

Meanwhile, the export volume of yaqona in 2022 was 498.1 metric tonnes and had an export value of $40.7 million.

This was a decrease in export as compared to 2021 whereby around 552.3 metric tonnes was exported with a value of $41.9 million.

The ministry hopes to conduct more kava quality training and will replicate similar trainings to other parts of Fiji.