Emphasizing personal choice in faith

January 7, 2024 4:20 pm

The Methodist Church has reaffirmed its commitment to maintaining a neutral stance when it comes to supporting either a Christian or Secular State.

Church President Rev. Dr. Semisi Turagavou has emphasized the church’s commitment to evangelization while upholding the freedom of individuals to choose their own faith.

The church affirms that it should focus on evangelizing non-Christians.

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“In that regard, I think that we are the Christians to evangelize. It’s the task of our church for the Christian communities around Fiji to evangelize the non-Christians.”

Church President Rev. Dr. Semisi Turagavou

Rev. Dr. Turagavou believes that converting to Christianity is a choice for each individual.

“For them to make the decisions, it’s for every individual to make decisions about his or her future. As you know, I am a Christian. I can preach. I can tell. I can proclaim the good news. But for them to come and repent, give, or surrender, it’s a personal choice.”

Fiji Council of Social Services Executive Director Vani Catanasiga commended the church for expressing its dedication to inclusivity and promoting an environment where people of various beliefs can co-exist peacefully.

Vani Catanasiga

The Methodist Church has made it clear that it is an impartial, welcoming organization that values evangelism while honoring people’s right to choose their own religion.