Eid in the Park to reflect on togetherness

April 9, 2024 3:54 pm

A display of Islamic artifacts by Suva Muslim College during the 2022 Eid in the Park celebration

As the Islamic community in Fiji prepares to end the holy month of Ramadan this week, Fijian Broadcasting’s Radio Fiji Two and Mirchi FM team are gearing up for their annual celebration.

The FMF Radio Fiji Two and Mirchi FM Eid in the Park will once again be marked at the Rups Mega Complex in 9 Miles Nakasi this Saturday.

Radio Fiji Two’s Senior Presenter Noor Jahan says a number of activities have been planned to mark the occasion, including an Eid card competition, live entertainment with Sufi Qawwalis, a display of Islamic artifacts, and a recital of poetry.

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She says this yearly event is a platform for the young generation to show their skills and build upon their talents.

Noor Jahan adds that this is a celebration not only of religious traditions but also of togetherness, peace, and the joy of life.

“Eid is a celebration; it means recurring happiness that comes around. Ramdan and fasting are like an examination, and after we have passed our examination, we celebrate, so it is a celebration and giving thanks to the Lord, who knows a lot of people who were with us last year are no more with us and who knows who will be here next year, so grab the moment, enjoy the moment, and be happy. It’s a platform where we create harmony and peace, and we are living in such a beautiful nation.”

The celebration will start from 10 am to 3 pm