EFL carries out remedial work following discharge

February 22, 2023 12:27 pm

EFL Chief Executive Hasmukh Patel.

Energy Fiji Limited says remedial work are currently underway to ensure there are no environmental damage caused by the underground leakage within the EFL premises.

The Department of Environment yesterday issued a prohibition notice to EFL for its Kinoya Power Station for discharging fuel and polluting the environment.

In a statement today, EFL Chief Executive Hasmukh Patel says its contractors had seen signs indicating an underground oil fuel leak and discharge adjacent to its Power Station in Kinoya on Sunday evening.

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He says EFL took immediate steps to close off all the possible supply points in the area of the suspected leak and commenced to excavate the passage next to its Power Station to expose the underground pipes.

He adds that, in the meantime, EFL had officially written and informed the Ministry of Environment of this leak on Monday.

Patel says the leakage has been contained within the EFL boundary, but as a preventative measure, EFL and its contractors have revisited the containment booms within its premises and waterways to ensure that the heavy downpours experienced in the recent days do not cause spillage outside the containment area.

He adds that EFL is in the process of identifying the underground leak and repairing it.

The CEO also assures that a damage assessment will be carried out by an independent consultant and a report will be submitted to the Ministry of Environment within the week ahead.