Empower Pacific urges positive response to exam results

January 5, 2024 9:53 am

[File Photo]

Empower Pacific calls on parents and guardians to accept their children’s external exam results in a positive way.

Chief Executive Patrick Morgam says this can be done by creating a safe and enabling environment where a child is able to have an open conversation with a trusted person and express his or her feelings and emotions.

Morgam says with the Fiji Eighth Year Examination results out now, Empower Pacific is aware that some students performed very well and got good marks while others did not do so well.

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He says it is vital that these students learn how to deal with the disappointment of not getting the result they had desired.

Morgam says Empower Pacific is aware that not getting the desired result can trigger disappointment, worry about the future, guilt, self-blame, feelings of being left out, and low self-esteem.

He adds that they is committed to providing mental health and psychosocial support.