Discipline children with love: Education Minister

February 9, 2024 12:40 pm

[File Photo]

Education Minister, Viliame Gavoka says they do not condone corporal punishment being inflicted on any child even outside the school vicinity.

Gavoka says it is an instinctive expectation that the safest haven for any child which is a place they call home should discipline children with love.

Gavoka says there are other ways to discipline any child that misbehaves and individuals should refrain from corporal punishment.

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He made the comments following the recent video of a young girl being allegedly beaten up by her father.

Gavoka says they are concerned about the disturbing video.

The Education Minister is reminding parents that children are blessings from God and at this age should not expect perfection from them.

He says it is the parent’s and guardians’ role to counsel and explain to them parental expectations but should never give up on guiding and directing them in the right pathway in life.

The Ministry is encouraging parents to make use of the counselling hubs that are in the four Education Divisions and talk to confidants like teachers, counsellors or heads of schools to help them instil discipline and use other resources like pastors, pundits and elders.

The Education Minister is also encouraging relatives, neighbours, and communities not to be bystanders but to be proactive and call the authorities and the police

He adds the coalition government is investing in holistic education of the children.