Cyber security program targets children

March 13, 2024 4:02 pm

“Think before you click.”

This is the message the Asco Foundation and Datec are hoping to send to the primary school students upon the launch of the Cyber Security Awareness Program.

Chief Executive of Asco Motors, Ronald Kumar, states that the program will be beneficial to younger children because they are the most vulnerable to cyber threats.

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“Who are the most vulnerable in society? Our kids. They are more susceptible because they are the next generation to take us into the digital space.”

Kumar says that cyber security issues affect many people, including children.

He adds that they will have more programs rolling out in the future that target specific audiences.

The 10 schools pioneering the program are Deanbandu Memorial School, Delainimasi Government School, Draiba Primary School, Nasinu Sangam, Assemblies of God, Ratu Latianara, Lami Primary, Tai District, Vunidawa District, and Toga District.