Corruption will only bring suffering to families: COMPOL

March 18, 2024 6:13 am

[File Photo]

Acting Police Commissioner Juki Fong Chew has reminded officers that if their uniform changes from blue to orange, only their families will suffer.

He made the comments during his tour of the Western Division policing districts, where he reminded the officers of their duty and obligation to serve Fijians with integrity at all times.

Fong Chew says they need to change the mentality of the people that police officers are corrupt.

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He stresses that when officers are putting on their blue uniforms to go on duty, they must question their purpose in the Police Force.

“Because whilst you are here, think. Always think if you want to do something that is illegal against the policies of the Fiji Police Force. Think again. Look at the face of your spouse, the face of your kids, your commitments that you have there. Think twice. If you are doing it, always be careful. One day or the other, you’ll be caught.”

The Acting COMPOL’s comment comes at a time when some officers have been caught and charged for their alleged involvement in the drug trade.

“Policemen involved with drugs. This is a very sad case. Policemen involved in drugs. Who is suffering there? Fiji Police Force never suffers. Fiji Police Force will continue to move forward. The family is suffering. His career in the organisation is a big question mark. When we joined, we joined to be a police officer or to be a criminal? Yeah, a police officer.”

Fong Chew says it is important for officers to change their mindsets and instead of enforcing the law, they should follow the law.