Concerns over survival of species

May 21, 2024 12:19 pm

Climate change continues to pose a threat to the survival chances of many native plants and animals.

NatureFiji MareqetiViti Director Nunia Thomas-Moko says Fiji’s fragile ecosystem is highly sensitive to climatic changes as many plants rely on specific weather patterns to trigger flowering and fruiting.

She adds climate change disrupts these patterns, leading to mismatches between plant cycles and the breeding or feeding times of pollinators like birds.

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Thomas-Moko adds this can severely impact reproduction and survival rates.

“So that’s the threat that climate change brings, is that it can change the behaviour of one organism, while the other organism that is co-dependent on it, or is interdependent on it, or is dependent on it, is not ready to fulfill the role that it’s supposed to play.”

She adds they are also focusing on integrating local research into conservation strategies.