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Coral Gene Bank launched at Vomo Island

March 25, 2024 3:24 pm

[Source: Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation/Facebook]

In partnership with Tourism Fiji, Counting Coral launched its second Counting Coral Sculptural Coral Gene Bank at VOMO Island.

The unveiling was done by Minister for Tourism Viliame Gavoka.

Gavoka is excited about the project, stating it is another important step towards sustainable tourism and highlights the importance of preserving our marine ecosystems for generations to come.

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He says Fijians have always been deeply connected to the land and sea, and it is with this attachment in mind that Fiji extends a warm invitation to visitors to experience our natural treasures.

The gene banks will host over 500 parent corals, serving as an educational focal point and attraction, spotlighting the beauty and fragility of coral reefs.

[Source: Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation/Facebook]

Tourism Fiji chief executive Brent Hill says as Fiji welcomes more visitors to its shores, and it’s crucial to prioritize minimizing the impact of tourism on natural resources.

Hill says through this initiative, Tourism Fiji aims to inspire visitors to develop a deeper appreciation for Fiji’s marine ecosystem and actively engage in its preservation.