Captain Cook Cruises raises alarm on rampant poaching

June 8, 2023 4:08 pm

Tivua Private Island.

In a bid to combat the illegal practice of poaching head-on, Captain Cook Cruises has joined forces with the Ministry of Fisheries, embarking on a mission to curb this serious problem.

Senior Marine Biologist, Amos Abhishek Daniel says recent discoveries during their routine reef surveys have unveiled a disheartening reality, fueling concerns over the need for greater support and consistency from authorities to tackle this pressing issue.

Daniel says from the illegal capture of endangered species to the extraction of coral reefs, the extent of the damage caused by these illicit practices was alarming.

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“So poaching is a really big problem when we go out and we set up all of these setups like we had our giant claims go, and we also have illegal fishing. We’ve also had problems with dynamite fishing. And these are all illegal forms of fishing, and you don’t want it, but it causes a lot of destruction around, so that’s actually, I would say, one of our biggest problems with dynamite fishing and poaching, which are just illegal fishing.”

According to Daniel, the cruise company firmly believes that more stringent measures need to be implemented to deter poaching activities and protect marine resources.

He stresses that by increasing surveillance, deploying additional patrols, and strengthening penalties for offenders, authorities can send a powerful message that illegal activities in protected areas will not be tolerated.