Calls for action against street harassment

April 18, 2024 4:01 pm

Minister for Women and Children Lynda Tabuya

Minister for Women and Children Lynda Tabuya reveals that they have received concerns by certain business operators in Suva about instances of harassment against their customers.

She says this includes certain youths and drug-addicts roaming on streets, particularly at night.

Tabuya states this has led to the discomfort and unease experienced by pedestrians and patrons alike.

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She emphasizes the need for comprehensive solutions, including the provision of psychological support for those grappling with addiction and related mental health challenges.

“We do have children who are reported to us, so we attend to those children and try to take them off the street. But we find that these children leave. They run away from the homes that we place them in.”

Tabuya stresses the importance of close collaboration with law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders to effectively profile and address such behaviors.