British Embassy to help women entrepreneurs

March 20, 2023 6:45 am

The British Embassy has stepped in to help Micro Small and Medium Enterprises, especially women entrepreneurs.

Ambassador Dr. Brian Jones says this is one of their major focuses as they work with other local partners to help women, as they are the ones that face a lot of challenges in getting into the economic productivity sector.

Dr. Jones says this will help women put food on the table for their families and at the same time contribute to the economy.

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“We are looking around the world at how we can help women in business because women quite often face several barriers getting into business and getting into the economic productivity sector, so one of our objectives here in Fiji as well as around the world is to support women getting into business.”

Dr. Jones says relevant partners should also reach out to provide the relevant assistance needed by women in business.

“It will also help encourage other partners of Fiji, other banks, and other businesses with experience to get involved with creating a friendly ecosystem where anyone, any entrepreneur who wants to start a business in Fiji, has access to support in their banking, in their business plans, and in their marketing so that they can take those first few steps necessary to become a formal business and contribute to a better thriving Fiji.”

The British Embassy is currently partnering with the Ministry of MSMEs, the Australian Business Volunteers, and the BSP Financial Group under Fiji
Thrive to help MSMEs expand their knowledge on business management and financial support.