Aviation players contribute to review of FNU programs

March 14, 2024 4:28 pm

In a bid to enhance the quality of graduates entering the aviation sector, stakeholders are currently discussing reviewing the training programs offered by Fiji National University.

The discussions held today in Nadi, centered on the efficacy of FNU’s certificate programs in aircraft maintenance, avionics, and mechanical, marked the initial phase of a comprehensive review process.

FNU Pro Vice-Chancellor Learning and Teaching, Associate Professor Dr. Jimaima Lako, highlights the importance of aligning educational curricula with the evolving demands of the sector.

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Dr. Lako says the recommendations put forward during today’s meeting will serve as a catalyst for change, guiding FNU in refining its educational strategies and program structures.

“Which ensures that aviation curriculum remains up-to-date and relevant, and that it meets the demands of the employees and labor market. And that is actually making our graduates work-ready. They’re going to be highly competitive and in demand for the industry.”

Independent consulting firm AviPro is currently spearheading the review process, and concerns were raised regarding the readiness of graduates to meet industry standards, prompting a collective effort to explore avenues for improvement.

AviPro Project Manager Steve Graham says it’s important that stakeholders talk openly about any issues so that they can be factored into the recommendations.

“It’s so important that the industry and the university talk together so that, at the end of the day, the graduates of the university represent what the industry needs.”

Moving forward, the university remains committed to fostering strong partnerships with industry stakeholders and continually adapting its programs to meet the evolving needs of the aviation sector.