Advisory Councilors raise concerns with the minister

January 24, 2024 12:16 pm

Advisory Councilor Gabiriele Ketekete

The residents of Naba Settlement in Taveuni are facing significant challenges related to transportation and accessibility.

Advisory Councilor Gabiriele Ketekete raised these concerns with Minister for Rural and Maritime Development Sakiasi Ditoka, who is touring the island.

Ketekete says the lack of a proper road reaching the settlement makes it difficult for the residents, especially students, to commute.

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He adds that relying on boats during rainy weather poses safety concerns, forcing children to resort to walking.

“When it’s rainy weather, and they can’t go by boats because it’s risky, so they had to walk to school. So they will have to go through the Rocky Mountains and coconut plantations, and this is very risky.”

Waimaqera advisory councillor Harpal Singh also raised concerns regarding the criminal activities.

Minister Sakiasi Ditoka, while responding to the concerns, highlighted that they will look at ways in which they can formulate and shape a strategy to fix the issues.

During his tour, the minister also met with the heads of departments on Taveuni, where other concerns were raised regarding internet connectivity, water supply, the need for better office spaces, and the renovation of government quarters.