Strategy to tackle financial strain in Nasinu

March 28, 2024 6:16 am

Nasinu Town Council [File Photo]

The newly appointed Nasinu Town Council Management is taking steps to address financial challenges.

Acting Chief Executive, Imraan Khan, says they have launched a comprehensive rate profiling exercise to improve operational efficiency.

Khan says through this they aim to improve the council’s database and streamline revenue collection efforts as they are owed $14 million in outstanding rates.

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“With the rate profiling exercise, we have volunteers who are going house to house; they are checking and updating our records for all rate payers; at the same time, they are checking on all our rate payers; and they are giving the means test form to assess if those rate payers are actually able to pay off their liabilities.”

Khan says they are also trying to increase their revenue collection.

“We have identified that of the 11,377 rate payers, we have identified all the deceased rate payers whose properties have not actually transferred to the next of kin. We are liaising with the public Trustees to have the formal process take place and also pressing charges on all the properties so that when these properties change ownership, Nasinu Town Council will be consulted.”

Khan says that by improving operational efficiency and collecting owed revenue, the Nasinu Town Council will be able to better serve the community.