Agriculture sector can boost the economy

March 14, 2024 6:15 am

[File Photo]

Fijians in the agriculture sector are being encouraged to sell their produce on online platforms to help boost the local economy.

Zonah United Founder, Naheeda Maqbool stressed the importance of Fijians engaging in entrepreneurship, especially in the agriculture sector.

Maqbool believes that Fiji has the potential to better the local economy by turning to Fijian-made products rather than depending on imports.

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“I mean, the vision should be to reduce imported products and to export more Fijian-made products. I think there is potential here because the same products have been imported into the country, and if they can be manufactured locally, then I think this would be the best way to turn things around for Fiji.”

The signing between Vodafone and local spice company Zonah United will allow locally produced products to be sold through Vodafone’s online selling platform, VitiKart.

Through Vitikart, consumers can buy a variety of locally produced products, such as herbs, spices, health supplements, and fresh produce, all while supporting the local economy.