Natural Disaster

Normalcy returns to Fiji as TC Mal moves away

November 15, 2023 2:44 pm

NDMO Director Vasiti Soko

Schools resume tomorrow as all civil servants are called back to work, marking Fiji’s return to normalcy after two days of disruption caused by Tropical Cyclone Mal, which is currently heading out of Fiji waters.

Vasti Soko, the Director of the National Disaster Management Office, reports that all schools serving as evacuation centres will be cleared by this afternoon, with cleaning underway in preparation for students returning tomorrow.

She emphasizes that all other services, including businesses and public transport, will also resume.

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“I am also pleased to announce that we did not record any casualty in this event. I would like to acknowledge our first responders for working with us to ensure the delivery of key messages on time.”

There are currently 180 active evacuation centres, providing shelter for over 6,000 individuals from approximately 986 households.

In the western division, more than 34,000 people are taking shelter across 84 centres, while in the central division, 1,489 individuals are seeking refuge in 49 centres.

In the north, 1,011 evacuees are taking shelter in 37 centres, with 398 individuals seeking refuge in 10 centres.

These centres are predominantly located in schools and community halls. Soko reassures that there have been no recorded casualties, although a family in Wailoku, Suva, was impacted by a landslide.