EFL urged to move towards renewable energy

March 2, 2024 4:46 pm

Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission Chief Executive Joel Abraham has raised concerns over the slow progress of Energy Fiji Limited in transitioning to renewable energy sources.

Abraham states EFL must explore sustainable energy alternatives to alleviate electricity costs for Fijian consumers.

FCCC’s analysis of EFL’s annual reports unveiled shifting renewable energy targets, raising doubts about the utility’s financial stability due to high borrowing levels.

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FCCC Chief Executive Joel Abraham

Abraham stressed the urgent need for EFL to prioritize renewable energy investments to mitigate the impact of high electricity costs on both consumers and the economy.

“We believe that this will burden Fijian consumers and Fiji’s economy with high electricity costs. How long will we be susceptible to high energy costs as a result of burning fossil fuels? I think it is high time that EFL look into renewable energy initiatives that could potentially help Fijians enjoy lower bill costs”

FCCC emphasized that EFL’s stagnant progress not only hampers environmental conservation but also burdens consumers with soaring energy expenses.

Meanwhile, FBC News has also sent questions to EFL and is yet to receive a response.