Schoolgirls heckle paramilitary speaker

October 6, 2022 6:58 am

A new video posted online appears to show schoolgirls heckling a member of Iran’s feared paramilitary Basij force, after anti-government protests sweeping the country spread to the classroom.

The teenagers wave their headscarves in the air and shout “get lost, Basiji” at the man, who was asked to address them.

The BBC could not verify reports that it was filmed in Shiraz on Tuesday.

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The Basij has helped security forces crack down on the protests sparked by the death in custody of a young woman.

Other footage circulated on social media shows a man shouting “death to the dictator” as another group of girls walk through traffic in the north-western city of Sanandaj and an elderly woman clapping as unveiled schoolgirls chant “freedom, freedom, freedom” at a protest on a street.