We will run our show: Fiji Rugby Union

January 15, 2014 3:54 am

The Fiji Rugby Union says it will not be told how to run the organization and its operations.

This comes after the revelation that the International Rugby Board suspended more than $3million worth of direct funding to the FRU due to the union not agreeing to an IRB appointed director in the board.

FRU acting chief executive Berlin Kafoa says the board knows what it is doing to ensure the image of the sport is repaired.

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“I think the issue of a board director present is one that this board was never consulted. Number two the person that was appointed was not agreed to. So it borders to what IRB dictated and the sovereignty of the FRU. So the FRU board’s stance is this, we should have the right to agree to a member of the board or observer and number two we should have the sovereign right to determine who it is.”

FRU board member Esther Williams echoed the sentiments of Kafoa.

“I think the main issue to consider here is that the issue of the deficit needs be cleared. It’s in our interest and also IRB’s interest to clear it. We don’t think that getting a external person on the board will help us do that because we already have started working very hard to clear that deficit.”

The FRU further says it will continue dialogue with the IRB and have set a May deadline to get all in order.