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We will not interfere:Tuitubou

June 26, 2018 4:06 am

Minister of Sports, Laisenia Tuitubou says they will not interfere in the ongoing saga between Weightlifting Fiji and its club based in Ovalau.

This after Commonwealth Games gold medalist Eileen Cikamatana dropped a bombshell by quitting up the sport.

The Levuka club had earlier boycott all future weightlifting competitions following the appointed of the new Iranian coach Hussein Tavakoli earlier this year.

The club which has produced majority of the elite lifters are also asking few members from Weightlifting Fiji to step down.

Minister Laisenia Tuitubou says the Fiji National Sporting Commission is the parent body of all the sporting federations and they will deal with it.

“I’ll leave it to the NSO to deal with the differences because if the government goes in it will look back and it doesn’t overwhelm with the NSO because NSO has their plans and so do the Levuka Club. If it comes to the ministry then it will have to come through NSO because it looks after all the sporting federations”

FBC Sports also asked the question on whether they will step in to try and convince Commonwealth Games gold medalist Eileen Cikamatana to stay in the sport following her resignation from the sport today.

Tuitubou says he has not been advised on Cikamatana’s resignation.

“For her to resign it’s her own choice and we’ll leave it to the NSO to deal with it and they will write a report and submit it to the ministry.”

Meanwhile, Weightlifters will not take part in the upcoming Oceania Weightlifting Championship in Noumea, New Caledonia next month.