FIVB assures Fiji Volleyball

September 27, 2022 5:38 am


The Fiji Volleyball Federation has received assurance from the sport’s world governing body that it will be supported through its engagement.

FVF was invited to be part of the 38th FIVB World Congress which ended yesterday in the Netherlands.

Fiji was represented by the Fiji Volleyball President Kemueli Naiqama.

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Naiqama was given the opportunity to meet with the FIVB President to discuss possible opportunities for Fiji and the Pacific region.

Naqaima spoke at length about empowerment and capacity-building development programs in Fiji.

Suva Volleyball President Savenaca Tuivaga says the association is committed to supporting the Fiji Volleyball Federation in the implementation and development of training programs with clubs affiliated with the association.

Tuvaga adds grassroots development and the welfare of players are vital for the sport as player skill development is important on and off the court.