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Super Rugby tickets selling fast

May 1, 2018 6:07 pm

Ticket sales for the much-anticipated match between the Chiefs and the Highlanders in Fiji next month are running fast.

Fiji Sports Council Chief Executive Litiana Loabuka says Fijians should not wait until the last minute to avoid disappointment.

“The ticket is at a cheaper price now once we get to game week they going to increase in tickets, and we are encouraged and the Fijian supporters we’ve had such a huge turnout and it’s a testament to the last tournaments that we’ve had.”

The Grandstand tickets selling from $160 to $180 and the grass embankment ticket cost $20 while the concrete embankment tickets are $30.

The tickets can be purchased from the Fiji Sports Council Office and are also available online.

The Highlanders meet the Chiefs on June 30th at Suva’s ANZ Stadium.

Meanwhile, in the Super Rugby match this week the Chiefs will battle the Jaguares at 7.35pm while the Rebels will then meet the Crusaders at 9.45pm on Friday.

On Saturday, the Hurricanes will take on the Lions at 7.35pm.

On Sunday, the Stormers meet the Bulls at 1.05am while the Sharks play the Highlanders at 3.15am.

You can watch the Rebels- Crusaders and Stormers-Bulls matches live on FBC TV.


Super Rugby tickets selling fast

May 5, 2017 4:13 am

Super Rugby tickets for the Crusaders and Chiefs match at Suva’s ANZ Stadium are selling out fast in the Western division.

The Fiji Sports Council is there conducting a roadshow for ticket sales.

Fiji Sports Council Manager Operations Eleina McDonald says they are in Nadi today and the Super Rugby ticket sales have been good.

“We can tell the super rugby fever is here. Tickets sales have been going on from eight o’clock this morning and selling like hot cakes and we found out that the western division is buying embankment tickets and there’s limit tickets available.”

The roadshow team will be at the Jacks outlet in Lautoka tomorrow.

McDonald adds the Fiji Sports Council say 70% of the tickets have been sold and is urging the public not to wait until the last minute to avoid disappointment.


Super Rugby tickets selling fast

May 13, 2016 12:01 am

Tickets for the first ever Super Rugby match between the Chiefs and Crusaders in Fiji, are selling fast.

Fiji Sports Council Acting Operations Manager, Eleina McDonald says the Grandstand tickets, sold at $160 each are the fastest selling so far.

McDonald says around 2000 Grandstand tickets to sell in Fiji was made available, out of which less than 700 remain to date.

The other Grandstand tickets are sold online and in New Zealand.

McDonald adds that looking at the rate of tickets sales, a sellout crowd is expected on game day.

The Chiefs play the Crusaders at 7.35pm on July 1st at ANZ Stadium in Suva.