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We need to focus on our individual role – Nasoko

January 25, 2019 7:34 am
Kalione Nasoko

On the eve of the Hamilton 7s, Fijian captain Kalione Nasoko believes the team is under no pressure as they aim to defend the Hamilton title in New Zealand in the weekend.

Speaking to FBC Sports while ago, Nasoko says the players have been advised to concentrate on their individual role and play as a team.

Coming into the tournament we have to just focus on our individual role. One this we have worked on is maintaining the sense of pressure because we have been to tournaments like this before. So we will just focus on our individual roles that we have been working with the coach for the couple of weeks. I think the boys are ready.

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Fiji 7s coach Gareth Baber says they have prepared very well for the tournament and the players are oozing with confidence.

“They are always a good bunch to be around and I enjoy being with them. The energy level in the team is good and we have to take that forward. There will be things we will not do well in the tournament and we should be able to ensure they continue playing even though we might get some set-backs. The boys are resilient, they have shown that previously, they will show that again and they are in a good space at the moment.”

The Fiji 7s side won the Cape Town title after 13 years last month when they defeated USA 29-15 in the final.

They are also the defending champions of the Hamilton tournament, after beating South Africa 24-17 last year.

Meanwhile, the Fiji 7s side is pooled with Australia, Wales and Argentina at the Hamilton tournament.

M19:00AMScotland26 - 21FrancePool C
M29:22AMSouth AFrica29 - 10KenyaPool C
M39:44AMEngland10 - 12SamoaPool D
M410:06AMUSA29 - 7TongaPool B
M510:30AMAustralia17 - 12ArgentinaPool A
M610:52AMFiji54 - 7WalesPool A
M711:14AMSpain12 - 12CanadaPool D
M811:36AMNew Zealand52 - 0JapanPool D
M912:48PMScotland19 - 10KenyaPool C
M1013:10PMSouth Africa17 - 5FrancePool C
M1113:32PMEngland36 - 7TongaPool B
M1213:54PMUSA34 - 14SamoaPool B
M1314:20PMAustralia26 - 5WalesPool A
M1414:42PMFiji33 - 24ArgentinaPool A
M1515:04PMSpain22 - 19JapanPool D
M1615:26PMNew Zealand42 - 10CanadaPool D
M1717:00PMFrance15 - 19KenyaPool B
M1817:22PMSouth Africa26 - 7ScotlandPool B
M1917:44PMSamoa28 - 12TongaPool C
M2018:06PMUSA19 - 7EnglandPool C
M2118:13PMArgentina36 - 7WalesPool A
M2218:52PMFiji26 - 19AustraliaPool A
M2319:14PMCanada26 - 0JapanPool D
M2419:36PMNew Zealand17 - 0SpainPool D
M259:00AMArgentina35 - 0JapanCTQF
M269:22AMKenya19 - 12TongaCTQF
M279:44AMSpain19 - 10WalesCTQF
M2810:06AMEngland21 - 5FranceCTQF
M2910:36AMFiji33 - 7CanadaCup QF 1
M3010:58AMSouth Africa28 - 19SamoaCup QF 2
M3111:20AMNew Zealand24 - 17AustraliaCup QF 3
M3211:42AMUSA19 - 14ScotlandCup QF 4
M3312:10PMJapan7 - 31Tonga13th Place SF
M3412:32PMWales19 - 35France13th Place SF
M3512:54PMArgentina7 - 24KenyaCTSF
M3613:16PMSpain7 - 38EnglandCTSF
M3714:26PMCanada19 - 28Samoa5th Place SF
M3814:48PMAustralia14 - 24Scotland5th Place SF
M3915:16PMFijiVSSouth AfricaCup SF
M4015:38PMNew ZealandVSUSACup SF
M4116:00PMTongaVSFrance13th Place Final
M4217:00PMKenyaVSEnglandCT Final
M4317:26PMSamoaVSScotland5th Place Playoff
M4418:10PMLoser M39VSLoser M40Bronze Final
M4519:10PMWinner M39VSWinner M40Cup Final

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