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Cakaubalavu dropped from the final 12-member squad

January 25, 2019 9:55 am
[Source: World Rugby]

Fiji Airways men’s 7s coach Gareth Baber has named a strong 12-member squad for the Hamilton tournament this weekend.

In the list released by World Rugby, Baber has dropped Apenisa Cakaubalavu from the squad.

Robust forwards Josua Vakurunabili and Paula Dranisinukula return to the team after missing the Dubai and Cape Town 7s last month.

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Baber has maintained his core players such as skipper Kalione Nasoko, Jerry Tuwai, Alosio Naduva and Waisea Nacuqu.

The Fiji 7s team begins its campaign against Wales at 10.52am tomorrow, then faces Argentina at 2.42pm and plays Australia in its last pool match at 6.52pm.

The Cup quarter-final begins at 10.36am on Sunday, Cup semifinal starts at 3.16pm and the final is scheduled for 7.10pm.

You can watch the entire tournament live on FBC TV.

The HSBC New Zealand Sevens is the third round of the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series 2019 with the first two tournaments both having different winners: New Zealand winning in Dubai and Fiji winning in Cape Town.

The USA were runners-up at both tournaments and actually lie first in the Series Standings ahead of New Zealand and Fiji, their highest ever position.

All three teams are in different Pools in Hamilton.

Series leaders USA are in Pool B with England, Samoa, and Tonga, while hosts New Zealand are in Pool D with Spain, Canada and Japan.

Pool C comprises South Africa, Scotland, France and Kenya.

M19:00AMScotland26 - 21FrancePool C
M29:22AMSouth AFrica29 - 10KenyaPool C
M39:44AMEngland10 - 12SamoaPool D
M410:06AMUSA29 - 7TongaPool B
M510:30AMAustralia17 - 12ArgentinaPool A
M610:52AMFiji54 - 7WalesPool A
M711:14AMSpain12 - 12CanadaPool D
M811:36AMNew Zealand52 - 0JapanPool D
M912:48PMScotland19 - 10KenyaPool C
M1013:10PMSouth Africa17 - 5FrancePool C
M1113:32PMEngland36 - 7TongaPool B
M1213:54PMUSA34 - 14SamoaPool B
M1314:20PMAustralia26 - 5WalesPool A
M1414:42PMFiji33 - 24ArgentinaPool A
M1515:04PMSpain22 - 19JapanPool D
M1615:26PMNew Zealand42 - 10CanadaPool D
M1717:00PMFrance15 - 19KenyaPool B
M1817:22PMSouth Africa26 - 7ScotlandPool B
M1917:44PMSamoa28 - 12TongaPool C
M2018:06PMUSA19 - 7EnglandPool C
M2118:13PMArgentina36 - 7WalesPool A
M2218:52PMFiji26 - 19AustraliaPool A
M2319:14PMCanada26 - 0JapanPool D
M2419:36PMNew Zealand17 - 0SpainPool D
M259:00AMArgentina35 - 0JapanCTQF
M269:22AMKenya19 - 12TongaCTQF
M279:44AMSpain19 - 10WalesCTQF
M2810:06AMEngland21 - 5FranceCTQF
M2910:36AMFiji33 - 7CanadaCup QF 1
M3010:58AMSouth Africa28 - 19SamoaCup QF 2
M3111:20AMNew Zealand24 - 17AustraliaCup QF 3
M3211:42AMUSA19 - 14ScotlandCup QF 4
M3312:10PMJapan7 - 31Tonga13th Place SF
M3412:32PMWales19 - 35France13th Place SF
M3512:54PMArgentina7 - 24KenyaCTSF
M3613:16PMSpain7 - 38EnglandCTSF
M3714:26PMCanada19 - 28Samoa5th Place SF
M3814:48PMAustralia14 - 24Scotland5th Place SF
M3915:16PMFijiVSSouth AfricaCup SF
M4015:38PMNew ZealandVSUSACup SF
M4116:00PMTongaVSFrance13th Place Final
M4217:00PMKenyaVSEnglandCT Final
M4317:26PMSamoaVSScotland5th Place Playoff
M4418:10PMLoser M39VSLoser M40Bronze Final
M4519:10PMWinner M39VSWinner M40Cup Final

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