Fijiana wins 5th Place Play-off

December 4, 2022 12:52 am

[Source: World Rugby Sevens]

The Fijiana outclassed Ireland 28-12 to win the 5th Place Play-off at the Dubai 7s.

Fiji started off brilliantly with a first-minute try to Raijeli Daveua but Ireland had other ideas and bounced back with two tries to Bebhinn Parsons and Mee Leigh Murphy Crowe for a 12-7 lead.

Lavena Cavuru touched down just at the half-time mark for a 14-12 lead at the breather in favour of the Fijiana.

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There was no turning back for the Fijiana as they continued their lead with a try each to Ana Maria Naimasi and young Younis Bese.

The Fijians did not allow Ireland to come back into the game not letting them score any tries in the second half as the Siasi Fuli-coached side cruised through with a deserving 28-12 victory.