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Fiji kicks-off Hong Kong 7s on a high

April 6, 2019 7:30 am

The Fiji Airways 7s side made a thrilling start beating Kenya 22-5 in its opening pool match of the Hong Kong tournament.

Aminiasi Tuimaba, Vilimoni Botitu and Jerry Tuwai scored a try each to put them into the lead 17-0 at the breather.

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At the break, Coach Gareth Baber reminded the players about strengthening their defense and controlling the ball.

“We need that ball in the air and you showed good tackle which is good and we need to win the ball when they kick to us we making sure we get our set up and we know what to do and we have to control the ball for a minute and make them work.”

Alasio Naduva then scored Fiji’s final try in the second spell to seal the win.

Kenya’s lone try was scored by Joe Otieno.

Meanwhile, Fiji will now play Australia at 5.13pm before taking on New Zealand at 8.55pm.

The cup quarterfinals start at 2.58pm tomorrow, cup semifinal final begins at 7.41pm and the cup final kicks off at 11pm.

You can watch the entire tournament live on FBC TV.

Looking at Fiji’s other pool members:

The New Zealand 7s side proved too strong as it defeated Australia 40-19 in its opening pool match of the Hong Kong tournament.

The All Blacks wore their white jersey in honour of the victims of the Christchurch terror attacks and both the teams had a moment silence before the match.

Fiji-born wing Joe Ravouvou scored a double and the rest of the tries were scored by Regan Ware, Sam Dickson, Jona Nareki and Joe Webber.

Australia’s tries were Nick Malouf, Maurice Longbottom and Dylan Pietsch.

NZ player Sam Dickson reflects on the touching tribute between them and the Australians before their game kicks off.

“That game means a lot to us on what happened at Christchurch and that performance we put together for the people back home and coming together with Australia before the game and it was a great start in Hong Kong.”

NZ coach Clark Laidlaw says they now shift their focus in their next game against Kenya.

“We were little bit frustrated in the last tournament where we didn’t pick up the win and all the teams come here and reasonably excited and Fiji trying to win the tournament five years in a row and I think we not too far ahead and we got a group that we have.”

Meanwhile, in other matches, Samoa beat Scotland 17-7, South Africa defeated Japan 22-7, and England hammered Wales 36-19.

USA thrashed Spain 36-7.

M109:42PMSamoa17 - 7ScotlandPool A
M210:06PMSouth Africa22 - 7JapanPool A
M310:31PMEngland29 - 19WalesPool D
M410:53PMUSA36 - 7SpainPool D
M511:15PMNew Zealand40 - 14AustraliaPool C
M611:37PMFiji22 - 5KenyaPool C
M812:01AMArgentina19 - 14CanadaPool B
M812:26AMFrance40 - 7PortugalPool B
SAT APR 06, 2019
M903:16PMSamoa31 - 21JapanPool A
M1003:41PMSouth Africa26 - 10ScotlandPool A
M1104:03PMEngland54 - 5SpainPool D
M1204:25PMUSA19 -21WalesPool D
M1304:51PMNew Zealand36 - 0KenyaPool C
M1405:13PMFiji31 - 12AustraliaPool C
M1505:35PMArgentina26 - 21PortugalPool B
M1605:59PMFrance24 - 12CanadaPool B
M1707:00PMScotland19 - 19JapanPool A
M1807:22PMSouth Africa21 - 7SamoaPool A
M1907:44PMWales10 - 26SpainPool D
M2008:08PMUSA17 - 28EnglandPool D
M2108:33PMAustralia28 - 12KenyaPool C
M2208:55PMFiji24 - 5New ZealandPool C
M2309:17PMCanada19 - 12PortugalPool B
M2409:41PMFrance26 - 14ArgentinaPool B
M2501:30PMScotland33 - 14SpainCTQF
M2601:52PMAustralia26 - 21PortugalCTQF
M2702:14PMWales7 - 38JapanCTQF
M2802:36PMCanada0 - 19KenyaCTQF
M2902:58PMSouth Africa12 - 21USACup QF1
M3003:20PMFiji29 - 24ArgentinaCup QF2
M3103:42PMEngland12 - 14SamoaCup QF3
M3204:07PMFrance14 - 12New ZealandCup QF4
M3305:16PMSpain24 - 7Portugal13th Place SF
M3405:43PMWales29 - 14Canada13th Place SF
M3506:05PMScotland19 - 17AustraliaCT SF
M3606:30PMJapan21 - 5KenyaCT SF
M3706:55PMSouth Africa17 - 19Argentina5th Place SF
M3807:17PMEngland10 - 17New Zealand5th Place SF
M3907:41PMUSA19 - 28FijiCup SF
M4008:03PMSamoa12 - 19FranceCup SF
M4109:00PMSpain19 - 14Wales13th Place Play-off
M4209:30PMScotland26 - 24JapanCT Final
M4310:00PMArgentina21 - 14New Zealand5th Place Play-off
M4410:30PMUSA22 - 5SamoaBronze Final
M4511:00PMFiji21 - 7FranceCup Final

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