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Australia will be a tough team to beat: Baber

December 23, 2018 4:23 pm

The Fiji 7’s team will have to put on its best performance against Australia when the two teams clash in the pool stages of Hamilton 7’s next month.

The Gareth Baber coached side is wary of the Australian players style of rugby.

“Australia are gonna be a force to be reckon with certainly. They’ve played some good stuff already. They’ve come up from a couple of losses, I know in Dubai and South Africa but they play a high tempo game. It’s physical, we know what we’re gonna get and as I said, without the travel I think they’re gonna be our biggest opponent in the pool. And not doing a disservice to the other ones and you look beyond that we beat New Zealand last year, they’re not gonna wanna let that happen again.”

Baber says they are looking for a specialist to help the team as they are also vying for the 2020 Olympic qualification spots.

“And obviously we are searching for the right people to come in and support the developments of these boys so they can have that scrutiny on them constantly. You know when you’re an international athlete, you wanna be put under that pressure and my intention is always to put the boys under pressure and that’s to me where the adaptation happen, that’s where the learning happens and that’s where they develop.”

Fiji is pooled with Australia, Argentina and Wales.

Hamilton 7’s will be played on 26th and 27th of next month.