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Ryan hits back at FRU

December 13, 2016 4:14 pm

Former Fiji 7s coach Ben Ryan has hit back at the Fiji Rugby Union regarding the issuing of player contracts to the current team.

Replying to questions sent to him by FBC Sports, Ryan says he is not trying to force himself into the Fiji 7s team affairs but is concerned about the players of a team which is close to his heart.

Ryan has clarified his concerns for the Fiji 7s team even after finishing his term.
Ryan says not contracting players after winning world titles and gold at Rio is unacceptable on any level.

He adds that he is 100% behind new coach Gareth Baber but the FRU cannot use his move to Fiji in January as a reason for not contracting players.

The Englishman adds that contracts can easily be set up with clauses that a new coach can invoke to release a player if his KPI’s are not being met.

The FRU had released a statement saying that it seems like Ryan has not moved on even after finishing his contract.

In response, Ryan says he has very much moved on but as everyone knows in Fiji – the team is in his heart now and he wants them to do well and for the players and management to be treated at the level they deserve.

He adds that his comments about the contracts and losing of sponsors by FRU is true.

The FRU said that they have not lost any sponsors and are in talks with the Fiji Sports Commission for player’s contracts.

Ryan tweeted that the statement released by FRU was childish and he has only said positive things about everyone.

FBC Sports tried contacting FRU CEO John O’ Connor yesterday but it proved futile.