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Young Karawalevu starts for Naitasiri in Skipper Cup semifinal

November 6, 2020 4:52 pm
Vuate Karawalevu

Former Marist Brothers High School Under-18 captain Vuate Karawalevu will start for Naitasiri against Nadroga in the Skipper Cup semifinal tomorrow.

The Dravuwalu, Kadavu youngster made his debut for the Highlanders in round two of the competition and has come a long way since then.

Karawalevu has big shoes to fill as he heads into his first semifinal and has been included in the backline with Viliame Matai, Tomasi Vula, Epeli Ratabacaca, Kaliova Mocetadra, Seveci Nakailagi and Kini Douglas.

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Karawalevu says he has so much respect for the Nadroga team and knows how important this match is.

“Whenever you are playing with a big-time like this you should always give your best and it is your mentality. The team that wants it the most will show the outcome on Saturday.”

In the forwards, Joeli Veitayaki, Seremaia Naureure, Navuso Solo, Esikia Macu, Temo Raibevu, Necani Nawaqadau, Tomasi Naiduki and Sireli Kaloucava.

Naitasiri host Nadroga at Ratu Cakobau Park in Nausori at 3pm tomorrow while Suva plays Namosi at 3pm at ANZ Stadium in another semifinal.

Also at the ANZ Stadium, Suva takes on Lautoka in the women’s semifinal and Nadroga plays the capital city’s under-19.

At Ratu Cakobau Park, Naitasiri host defending women’s champion Tailevu and Namosi takes on Nadi in the under-19.

You can watch the Nadroga/Naitasiri clash LIVE and EXCLUSIVE on FBC TV and the Suva/Namosi match will air on FBC Sports channel.

The women’s semifinals will be aired LIVE as well.

Naitasiri Lineup

1. Veitayaki Joeli
2. Naureure Seremaia
3. Navuso Solo
4. Macu Esikia
5. Raibevu Temo
6. Nawaqadau Necani
7. Naiduki Tomasi
8. Kaloucava Sireli
9. Matai Viliame
10. Karawalevu Vuate
11. Vula Tomasi
12. Ratabacaca Epeli
13. Mocetadra Kaliova
14. Nakailagi Seveci
15. Kini Douglas

16. Vatukela Jone
17. Qaduadua Jo
18. Naciva Immanuel
19. Ravutu Vilikesa
20. Qaranivalu Anasa
21. Navuso Jone
22. Lesavua Maleli
23. Rokotuisawa Etonia

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