Tag Rugby Festival to be held annually

October 4, 2022 6:10 am

[Photo: Cakaudrove Central Sports Association]

The Cakaudrove Primary Sports Association will now be holding an annual Tag Rugby Festival for primary school students aged Nine to 14.

Organising Committee President Edwin Biulailai says the Tag Rugby Festival is part of a three-year program by the Fiji Primary Schools Rugby Association and the Fiji Rugby Union to develop players from a young age.

”We will be developing the skills of rugby from an early age of seven right up to the higher level. So, what we are looking at now in Cakaudrove is for this three-year phase, we are going to be developing our children.”

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Played over two days, the first tag ruby festival was held in Savusavu over the weekend and was hailed a success.

Biulailai says it’s one of the biggest events in Primary Sports for the Cakaudrove Province, the Tag Rugby Festival saw the participation of close to 60 primary schools and involving 1,920 players.

Marica Matasolevu, the Cakaudrove Central U13 Girls Coach says Tag rugby is considered a safe non-contact rugby variant which has attracted a lot of interest.

”The game is safer. There is no contest for scrum. There is no contest for rucks and even for line-out. There’s a big number of players that are coming to the game of rugby. And I’m really happy.”

Organizers are making the Festival an annual event which will be all-inclusive where there is no barrier to race, age, and school’s ability to participate.