Special win for Stallions

June 26, 2022 9:00 am

Winning the Inkk Farebrother Trophy yesterday meant so much to Nadroga and its supporters.

Coach Etonia Naba says this was one of the most challenging seasons for them as they slowly develop a young Nadroga side.

He says game after game, the rising Stallions found their form and they have proven themselves with the emphatic win over Nadi.

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“We had a tough time this year but I’m very thankful we never backed down. We stood up and we kept on working hard so that we can achieve our target.”

Veteran player Eremasi Radrodro says it took a few stern words to give the players a boost of confidence.

“I told the boys keep holding on when you go inside keep holding on. When we go back, we take the Cup with us. I told them keep holding on, this year is your year, they believed in themselves and we finished it.”

Nadroga edged Nadi 20-19 yesterday at Prince Charles Park.

20-year-old Jack Volavola chipped the winning penalty in the 76th minute to seal the win.