Plans set for final Fijiana 15s Test at home

May 1, 2022 5:30 pm

[File Photo]

The Fiji Rugby Union is working to host a Test match for the Rooster Chicken Fijiana in Fiji before they leave for the World Cup.

O’Connor says they had requested for the Japan vs Fijiana 15s match currently underway to be held in Fiji.

However, the Japanese rejected the request, citing travel distractions to Fiji and then to Australia.

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O’Connor says as this plan dell through, they’re making some arrangements to have the last Test match for the national women’s 15s team at home before they leave for New Zealand.

“Just to allow our fans to come and support the Fijiana. So, that is still in progress once we have a firm confirmation then we will make the relevant announcements accordingly.”

The first half of the Fijiana 15s vs Japan match is currently underway and you can watch it live on FBC Sports on Walesi.

In its second test, the Fijiana 15s will face the Wallaroos.