No spot is guaranteed: Leweniqila

May 13, 2022 4:52 pm

Roosters Chicken Fijiana Captain Sereima Leweniqila knows no World Cup spot is guaranteed, and she’ll have to play her part if she wants to be selected.

The 32-year-old was part of the Fijiana Drua Super W winning team and the Test matches against Japan and Wallaroos last week.

Despites her experience, she says the coaches will only pick the best for the World Cup.

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“Our spot is not guaranteed and the talent there is just amazing and these kids that are coming in. It’s like they’ve been there for a while, the way they play the raw talent. So yes there will be players there that will play my positions and I know the coach will choose the right people to play.”

Leweniqila and some of her Fijiana teammates were part of the Get Into Rugby PLUS development program at Latter Day Saints College in Suva today.

Speaking at the event, Chair of Australia’s Sports Diplomacy Advisory Council, Stephanie Brantz says the Fijiana’s Super W performances surely made an impact in the lives of many young women.

“They play with such joy, happiness and skill, that everyone was so excited and I think all the girls in Fiji, and they wanna play rugby now.”

The program is co-funded by the Australian Government’s Team Up initiative through its partnership with Rugby Australia and Oceania Rugby.