More local girls join Fijiana Drua

May 30, 2022 12:55 pm

[Source: Fiji Rugby Union]

The Rooster Chicken Fijiana Drua coaching staff are impressed with the talent emerging from the ANZ Marama Championship and Ranadi Cup.

Assistant Coach Mike Legge says this competition is a stepping stone for future stars to join the Fijiana team, and they want to take advantage of this.

Four players from the Nadroga women’s team have joined the Fijiana camp after being scouted by the coaching staff.

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Legge says this is proof for other womens’ teams that the door is open.

“I went down to watch the Nadroga Suva game on Friday and out of that game we pulled out at least four girls out of the Nadroga team to camp with us. Those four girls fitted in really easily. The potential from all the Unions even in the Ranadi Cup, we have been keeping an eye on things pretty much since the competition has started.”

After winning the Super W title this year, the Fijiana will be part of the competition for the next two years.