More Drua tickets still available

April 26, 2022 1:11 pm

Fijian Drua team training

About 4000 tickets have been sold for the Swire Shipping Fijian Drua’s historical first match in Fiji against the Highlanders on Saturday.

With five days out from the match, Drua Chief Executive, Brian Thorburn says they’re hoping for a sellout or something close to it.

The ground capacity is 15000 and Thorburn says they’re hopeful of a good turnout.

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“As of Sunday night we’ve sold about 2000 tickets, we sold 800 yesterday and we’ve got some more for players as we speak we have a crowd of about 4000 so five days to go, we’re very hopeful that fans will come out and start buying this week because we really need a blockbuster crowd to energize the players give that home ground atmosphere”.

Meanwhile, all the $150 tickets have been sold out and the Fiji Sports Council confirmed the news on its social media platform today.

There are limited $180 or platinum tickets now available but there are more Silver/Matasawa as well as Bronze/Waitui tickets that can be purchased.

Fans can buy tickets from Fiji Sports Council, selected Jack’s of Fiji outlets and Post Fiji Shops.

The Drua will host the Highlanders on Saturday at 4:35pm.