FRU look at realigning protocols

August 12, 2022 5:00 pm

[Photo: Fiji Rugby / Facebook]

The Fiji Rugby Union will be using a different approach on player’s safety protocols from next season.

This comes after a Nadroga women’s rugby player died following injuries she sustained during the ANZ Marama Championship.

Monika Koroidrekelevu from Volivoli Village in Nadroga was bedridden for weeks following the injury.

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FRU Chair, Humphrey Tawake says they will be realigning their protocols to ensure player’s safety remains paramount.

“It opens up the opportunities for us to relook at our women’s competition, especially with the involvement of parents and consent to be given, because you know some of the students are under the age of 18.”

Tawake has confirmed that so far local players are insured and they they will explore more on this.

“It is something we can explore, this is a thing we cannot decide overnight, it takes processes and the cost involved. There is whole lot of women playing across the Skipper Cup and the Marama competition. We haven’t done it in the Men’s competition, and if we were to do across the board.”

While the Secondary Schools Competition continues, the FRU is advising officials to be cautious.