FRU CEO on leave, three terminated

August 15, 2022 4:40 pm

John O’Connor

Fiji Rugby Union chief executive John O’Connor has voluntarily taken leave while the contracts of three staff members were terminated last week.

This follows the discovery of certain breaches of internal processes which prompted the FRU Board to bring forward an audit that was scheduled for later on in the year as part of operations.

FRU Chair, Commodore Humphrey Tawake says they’ve taken the proper steps in terms of good governance and they’ve acquired the services of accounting company BDO.

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FBC Sports asked Commodore Tawake if the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption will be involved and he says FICAC may come in later.

“At this point, no, this is the internal processes that we have, only after the BDO inquiry, investigation has been completed then we will determine if it is necessary to involve FICAC, but only time will tell.”

Tawake also responded to our question whether what’s being uncovered may just be the tip of the ice berg.

“Possibly, possibly as you said this is FRU’s situation now is not unique to any organization that is outside, this is an internal audit apart from the financial audit, this is processes and systems to look at areas whether we’re following our regulations, whether we’re abiding by international best practices as we speak to ensure that we remain relevant to deliver the services that we’re here to do, and that is to the Fiji rugby community.”

The FRU Chair also says that John O’Connor volunteered to take his annual leave to allow for the process to happen seamlessly.

Commodore Tawake adds O’Connor hasn’t been suspended or fired as speculated on social media leading to misinformation.

FRU Manager Operations Sale Sorovaki is now the acting CEO for the next few weeks.