Forwards focus for Fijiana

October 5, 2022 6:45 am

[Source: Fiji Rugby]

The Rooster Chicken Fijiana 15s is expecting nothing less than a rugged battle against England in their opening Rugby World Cup match.

Forwards coach Greg Smith says their opponents, England, France and South Africa are all forwards-oriented teams and this is something they have to be mindful of.

Smith says in comparison the Fijiana will have a lot to match up to.

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“The opposition we are up against have had years of rugby. They are professional athletes and professional rugby players in their country. They do rugby day in and day out and they have done that for years, comparatively our girls are relatively new to this.”

England comes to the tournament with a 25-match winning streak and has the upper hand with experience.

Our Fijiana side will be making their maiden appearance and played only two Test matches.

Nonetheless, the team is gutsy and is ready to give the world number one a good run for its money.

The Women’s Rugby World Cup starts on Saturday and Fijiana plays England at 3.45pm.