Rugby League

No Vodafone Cup this year

September 10, 2021 6:44 am

No Vodafone Cup this year [Source: Asia Pacific Rugby League]

There will be no Fiji National Rugby League Vodafone Cup this year.

This has been confirmed by Fiji National Rugby League Acting Chief Executive Don Natabe.

With sporting activities scheduled to resume next month, Natabe says looking at the timeframe, there will be not enough time to complete the competition within three months.

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“For the Vodafone Cup we are unable to execute a full season so that is why we are looking at a 9s tournament to start at the beginning of the off-season period which is usually from November and that’s the timeline that we’re looking at.”

Due to the challenging times, Natabe adds sponsorship has been affected.

“Vodafone has been supportive this difficult time. I know they’ve had to cut down their sponsorship by 30 percent in the last year. But we are thankful that they’re able to front up some of the requests that we can give to them.”

FNRL is hoping to kick-off its season at the end of the year with a 9s tournament as they look forward to the 2022 Vodafone Cup.