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Patel confident of retaining seat

October 5, 2015 4:56 am

Fiji Football Association President, Rajesh Patel held a press conference to remind the public of the betterment they have done for the sport in the past four years.

Patel says not only the association achieved milestones but also cleared its debts under his leadership since 2011.

_"When we got elected, we also brought in people on the judicial bodies of FIFA and OFC also. And Fiji started getting representation instead of one person sitting in FIFA, we have got per-pupil sitting in FIFA now from all three or four people sitting in FIFA bodies and also in OFC."

Patel is confident of retaining his current post.

The election be held during the Annual General Meeting at 7pm at the Fiji Football Academy in Ba tomorrow.


Patel confident of retaining seat

October 1, 2015 4:02 am

Fiji Football Association President, Rajesh Patel is not threatened by the upcoming elections for his current position.

He adds they have done a lot for the sport in the country and it’s the people’s decision that matters.

“People are wise. It’s not money can buy everything, its sometimes when you throw a lot of money like these people are trying to throw in-you’ll have people that is not interested in football just to get a hold of money into the organization and come and try and run it and after six months they are totally gone.”

Patel also says they have a number of development plans in place to put into practice in the years to come.

The Fiji FA has received all nominations for the President and Vice-Presidents election scheduled for next Tuesday in Ba.

Meanwhile the Courts Inter District Championships kicks off this Saturday with Dreketi playing Suva at 1pm at Subrail Park while at 3pm Labasa takes on Rewa.

On Sunday, at Nadi’s Prince Charles Park, Ba plays Nadroga at 2pm while Nadi takes on Lautoka at 4pm.

You can catch the live commentaries of the Rewa-Labasa and Nadi-Lautoka matches on Radio Fiji 2 with the voice of soccer, Raymond Stoddart.