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FRU receives timely boost

May 2, 2018 6:01 pm

The Fiji Rugby Union has announced Swire Shipping as one of its major sponsors.

The company takes the naming to the Fiji Warriors and the Fiji Tuwawa tens team.

FRU Chief Executive, John O’Connor, says it’s a milestone achievement as they have finally secured sponsorship for both teams.

“Swire Shipping becomes the official sponsorship for the Fiji Warriors so in the next tournament Fiji Warriors will attend which is in Uruguay and they will be known as the Fiji Swire Shipping Warriors and likewise for our tens team that participates in the Duco and from now onwards they will be known as Swire Shipping national tens team for the Tuwawa.”

The Fiji Warriors will take on Western Australia in a match at 10.30pm on Friday in Perth.


FRU receives timely boost

December 21, 2017 3:30 am

The Fiji Rugby Union finished off the 2017 season with a boost from Carpenters Motors, today in Suva.

The well-known car dealing company gave Fiji Rugby their sixth vehicle today, as a sign of continuous support for rugby in the future.

FRU Chief Executive John O’Connor says they look forward to a prosperous team work next year.

Before I receive this kind sponsorship from Carpenters Motors, I hope that we will continue with this partnership in years to come.

Jerry Tuwai, Kalione Nasoko, Sevuloni Moceinacagi and Mesulame Kunavula were present during the occasion.


FRU receives timely boost

June 8, 2017 12:31 am

The Fiji Rugby Union needs two million dollars to host Italy and Scotland in the June test series this month.

The Fiji Sports Commission today presented a $580,000 cheque to the Fiji Rugby Union to assist them in preparing for the event.

FRU Chief Executive, John O’Connor, says other assistance will come from various stakeholders.

“Like in hosting two test matches is quite costly and most of the cost has to be met by the host team and their demands for the units. I thanked the government for their assistance because without their support we wouldn’t able to attract teams to come and play here.”

O’Connor adds fifty-percent of the fund has been given by World Rugby.