Tailevu Naitasiri gears up for 2022 season

December 22, 2021 6:10 am

The Tailevu Naitasiri football side is relishing its promotion to the premier division after a lapse of six years.

Tailevu Naitasiri fell short of glory last year and the heartbreak fueled their determination to play amongst the top tier next season.

Coach Nigel Khan says they could arguably be the youngest team in the league next year but he is confident the team is worthy of playing in the premier level.

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But, the worry remains if the players will be scooped by other districts in the January transfer window.

“I know my players have been offered by the districts to join, that is there decision to make. When the transfer window open, everybody is after everyone even though they may not need him, just to take him away so that the other team is weaker.”

On top of this, Khan says their biggest challenge is covering for the costs required in the premier division.

“Most of the season went by with just the local officials pitching in for the team but come 2022, I don’t think that’s enough so we are looking forward to having some major sponsors.”

Khan says the team is planning to host a fundraising event next month to assist with the costs and to thank the players for their determination from the senior division.