Local districts expected to make more changes

January 3, 2021 4:00 pm

Now that the 2020 season over, football fans can expect changes to happen among local football fraternities.

Coaches like Ronil Kumar of Ba and Marika Rodu of Rewa have stepped down from their role, while former Lautoka coach Ravinesh Kumar has joined Nadi and Kamal Swamy hinted to join Ba.

All in all, with the transferred window opening two days ago some districts will have a set of new players and officials this season.

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Though Rodu will no longer coach Rewa, he says he will continue to assist the team.

“I am just consulting them with the plans ahead of 2021. Trying to make sure that the transition for the new coach is secure because the boys and the team have really worked hard in 2020 to claim the status where we are.”

Meanwhile,  the Rewa Football side is now planning for OFC championship league later this year.