IDC live on FBC Pop

September 29, 2022 11:36 am

The Fiji Football Association has today sealed a partnership deal with the Fijian Broadcasting Corporation to air 22 Courts Inter District matches live on its FBC Pop channel on the Walesi platform.

The games will be aired live on FBC Pop channel and locals will have to fork out $150 for the 22 games.

Overseas viewers can watch all the action for $100US.

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Those interested are encouraged to pay before October 5th or an extra $50 will be charged for late subscription.

Fiji Football Association Chief Executive Mohammed Yusuf says they have taken into account the costs that come with producing the live coverage of the games.

He commended FBC for putting their hands up to ensure football fans are not left out when the IDC begins next week.

“During Fiji Fact, DPL matches, they use high definition cameras and the end product is so clear to the viewers and FBC also invests a lot of money trying to set up the whole four cameras.”

Fijian Broadcasting Corporation Director of Sales and Marketing Vijen Kumar says Fiji Football as well as FBC has been receiving calls from customers who have been asking if the tournament will be aired live.

Kumar says there is a lot of costs involved with doing coverage and FBC being the best broadcaster in Fiji has gone through a lot of discussions to be able to bring this tournament live to football lovers in the country and around the world.

“Doesn’t matter where the game is in the country, they’ll come and watch it live, another is because of their commitment they’ll take out time to basically watch it if it’s on free to air, the district also needs to have some share of revenue and this depends on gate takings and the 50% mentioned from courts IDC that has been passed to districts.”

The tournament kicks off next Wednesday at the HFC Bank Stadium in Suva.