Fiji FA launches first ever development curriculum

May 7, 2022 4:00 pm

Fiji Football has launched its first ever football development curriculum that aims to grow the sport in the country.

The curriculum is prepared by Fiji FA technical director, Timo Jankowski all football enthusiasts.

It will be a guiding document to help take football to another level in the country.

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Fiji FA Chief Executive Mohammed Yusuf says this is Fiji’s first ever football development plan which will prove to help develop talent from the grassroots level.

Yusuf says the curriculum includes the plans for the next few years including background information of the football landscape in Fiji and how best to implement football programs in communities.

“This is all came about after we developed a strategic plan for Fiji FA. Marika Rodu was very much involved in it. This plan was from 2022 and goes all the way to 2026-2027. Parts of the rising out of this strategic plan there was a need to develop a curriculum.”

Technical Director Timo Jankowski says grassroots football is a significant part of the association.

Jankowski says travelling to rural communities has been an eye-opener for him especially engaging with coaches and sharing of ideas.

“I tried to speak to a lot of people, I still remember just to pick a few with Marika I asked a lot of questions everyone was super helpful. People from Futsal, youth coaches”

The booklets have been distributed to coaches, schools and football enthusiasts.