Ba FA suspends five players

September 28, 2022 4:55 pm

From left: Narend Rao, Savenaca Nakalevu, Misiwane Nairube and Malakai Tiwa

Five Ba players have been suspended with just a week away from the Courts Inter-District Championship in Suva.

The Ba Football Association has confirmed on its Facebook page that Malakai Tiwa, Narend Rao, Misiwane Nairube, Savenaca Nakalevu and Shaneel Narayan have been suspended pending further investigation.

According to Ba FA the players are believed to have formed a viber group and made discussions on boycotting training so officials can run after them and have their demands met.

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Ba FA also stated that a post made by a former team official who goes by the name of Jay Loz Buadromo on Facebook claiming players were fed tin fish soup with rice three times a day in camp is baseless and defamatory.

It further states that through its investigation it was found that the reason for the suspension of camp was because a preacher invited by one of the suspended players allegedly had a vision and claims the camp in Nailega is not safe and that two people within the camp would cause damage to the Ba team.

Ba FA says it promotes discipline amongst its players and is inviting concerned fans to visit their camp and get evidence as to how the players are treated and the meals they are provided.

FBC Sports sought comments from the Ba FA President Amzad Khan but phone calls were unanswered while Coach Imdad Ali refused to comment on the matter.