FASANOC explore avenues for Pacific Mini Games

September 21, 2021 1:14 pm

FASANOC Chief Executive, Lorraine Mar. [File Photo]

The Fiji Association of Sports & National Olympic Committee is looking at other income-generating avenues to send Team Fiji athletes to the Pacific Mini Games.

After the confirmation from the Fiji National Sports Commission chair, Peter Mazey, that there is no money for the Mini Games, FASANOC has had to dig deep to support its athletes.

FASANOC Chief Executive, Lorraine Mar says a less number of athletes will represent Fiji at the Pacific Mini Games, given the financial constraints.

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“The team may not be as large as we would normally send to the Pacific Mini Games, but we are a member of the Pacific Game Council and we have a commitment to participate in this Games, and it will be an opportunity for our athlete to get out there.”

Fiji will be at looking at taking in at least 10 sports to the Northern Mariana Islands next year.