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Drag race on this weekend

April 22, 2015 12:35 am

The first quarter mile drag race of the year, organized by the Fiji Car Club will be held this weekend.

Club President, Raizal Haniff says they are looking forward to a busy year ahead and close to 10 races are planned to be held over the next 8 months.

“We are very excited about this. We will try to improve on what we did last year. Last year we had 8 events. This year we are planning to have 10 events out of which we will have 7 quarter mile drag race. We have already confirmed 4 sponsors for the quarter mile drag race so it is a very encouraging sign for us. So we will look for the other three towards the end of the season.”

The drag race will be held at the Taunovo Bay Airstrip on Sunday.


Drag race on this weekend

January 21, 2015 6:56 pm

The first quarter mile drag car race of the year will take place this weekend.

The Koffina Koffee sponsored race was postponed in December due to bad weather and has been rescheduled for Sunday.

Fiji Car Club President, Raizal Haniff, says the terms and conditions which were promised for last month’s race remain the same.

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“Terms and conditions remain the same as it was in the last event. It’s going to be free entry for all spectators and also free entry for people taking part in racing. If you were a member last year, you just come, fill out a form and race. There will be no coast involved racing this time.”
The race starts at 10am on Sunday at the Nanuku Airstrip in Pacific Harbor.